Pre-Played Records Section Grows

I stopped into Pre-Played and I was quite surprised to see that the record section had grown in size!


It is now a nice cozy nook of vinyl.

I was selling some games and of course I had to wander while they looked over my stuff. I HAD to go in here. Crafty bastards. LOL.

I bought 2 albums.

“J. Geils Band – Love Stinks”

2013-06-23 08.07.59

OMG. This album I wore out in my day and I wrote a lot about this one in a post about my DC school trip.

I could not pass this one up.

I also found this treasure.

“Jethro Tull – Thick As A Brick”

2013-06-23 08.08.13

I have never owned this one and have only heard the excerpts from this on Tull’s greatest hits albums. Dalton showed me his copy the other day and I hoped that this was an original. It was.

Inside, the album folds open.

2013-06-23 08.08.30

And it becomes a newspaper. All the pages are in here. Awesome!

2013-06-23 08.08.47

Now THOSE are liner notes.

Sort of The Onion from 1972.

The whole album is one long song. I’m interested to hear the parts that didn’t make the greatest hits. This was another great find.

You got me Pre-Played.

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