“Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks” Pre Order

Prior to my record buying hiatus (no more until the wedding or bust!) I did pre-order thanks to Abbey’s Father’s Day Amazon gift card… a vinyl record.

I have never pre-ordered an album before. Seems like I am setting myself up for dismay when I see if for sale soon after I get it, but it was NIN.

“Nine Inch Nails – Hesitation Marks”


It comes out September 3rd.

There is endless discussion about the album on the internet, how it is a throwback to the grungier days of NIN and stripped down and retro and such and on and on. I think this is why I do not subscribe to the feeds of my favorite artists. I don’t want to hear every minute thought or change or speculation in the birth and growth of a project.

I think this goes back to the old days where I would tear the plastic off a new album and sit and absorb it with focused listening and attention to the lyrics, formulating my opinion of it right there and then without knowing much about it. Usually one or two songs prompted me to buy it and the rest was a mystery.

Right now, if there were a leaked copy I would avoid it. I know that sounds anti-pirate and green, but I heard the officially released track “Came Back Haunted” and loved it and am getting it based on that (and the fact that I have everything NIN has ever released).

This version was $26 bucks. This is the most I have paid for ANY record. Period. It’s a single CD and a double LP. I’ll play the CD and probably leave the LP sealed. Each of the 4 versions  (Digital, Standard and Deluxe CD and Vinyl) has its own cover.

Ugh. What if the CD is packed inside the album and I am forced to open it!

It’s not easy being me.


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