Dan Collins And A Piano – Nonpronto – Waunafest – Oh My!

Dan Collins is in town tonight.

I don’t know Dan personally, but I remember him. He was a standout in school performances at Waunakee High School. He played piano, and well. He and my son Max knew each other back then and have kept in touch. It was inevitable that Dan would make music… and he has.

Dan became especially poignant for us when he wrote a song for Max when Patty passed away. It was the first time I had heard Dan’s music and it was perfect. We played his song at the funeral; “Lullaby For The Patients And The Patience”. It is an amazingly beautiful and sad piece.  It’s on his 2009 release “Dormitory”. You can find it (and his other CD’s) here:


He has a lot of YouTube videos of covers and original songs. He does a cover of a Hanson song that is still haunting me. Hanson? Yeah, Hanson. I love the echo, the vocal is tortured and I love that you can hear his fingers hitting the keys. Totally organic. Dan, I know this is probably not your thing anymore, but you should record that one!


He went to UW La Crosse, graduated and now plays in Chicago with a new band. Nonpronto. Check them out here:


He played in Waunakee last night and I wasn’t able to go (I was on call for work) but tonight he plays at Waunafest and I am NOT on call. Bud Light and good music. Perfect.

2013-07-21 19.26.48

I’ll take some pictures, get a CD of the new band and go back and try and get this poster.

Go check him out on his site(s) and if you are in Waunakee tonight stop in at the Waunakee Area Chamber Of Commerce Softball Beer Garden at Waunafest.

Here’s some older stuff from Waunafest:



Keep up the great work Dan!

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