Milli Vanilli – Still No Respect

I had to laugh at this story.

The truth is though (don’t tell anyone) that I liked this album.

milli vanilli 2x2

Actually lots of people did, but dropped it cold when the whole controversy over who actually sang broke. If they had actually sung their own stuff, this album would have been forever in the record books.

But, as it turns out, it became a joke for most.

This was white hot when I worked at Erdman. Hanz and I would sing it in the aisles while we drove forklift. Girl girl girl… you know it’s true! When it was on the radio at the end of the aisle we would go nuts. He would do some flashy turns and moves and then do the arm wave and pass it to me where it died. I’m no dancer. He always gave me a chance though.

I was truly disappointed when it turned out Rob and Fab didn’t actually sing. The music was still good though, for the time.


I still have the MP3’s of this album.

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