T.U.G.G on LMA, OMG!

I was on a visit to LMA (Live Music Archive)


for a moment to look for a couple bands that I had been listening to lately. LMA has bands that allow taping and a good portion are jam bands and I have spent countless hours downloading Smashing Pumpkins after discovering that they were on the site.

The bands I went looking to find this time were not there. Sigh.

On a whim I searched for T.U.G.G. not expecting to find anything. A band came up called T.U.G.G. (The UnderGround Groovement). I never hear the Underground Groovement part before, but I glanced at the track listing of the first show that came up. I didn’t recognize any songs. It was from 2004. I was like Damn! I was hoping this was the T.U.G.G. I knew. I was about to close LMA and move on when I noticed that one show was from UW-Lacrosse. The band is from there. I decided I better listen to a song and see if it sounded like them, before I dismissed it altogether. I opened this show:

T.U.G.G. (The UnderGround Groovement) The Cellar La Crosse, WI September 29th, 2005


Immediately I noticed the song “Waste Away” in the track listing. They play that one!

Sure enough… this IS T.U.G.G. !

tuggstriperedfinal%20copyAs a final proof, there is a message from Andy on the band info page about allowing shows from the band to be on the site.

On January 24, 2004, TUGG gave permission for shows to be hosted at the Archive:

This is Andy with the band TUGG, a couple of our fans wanna get us on the live music archive and said you needed the ok, I am writing to give you the big thumbs up, it’s okay, in fact it’s awesome with us.  Thanx for your time.

Andy Hughes-Under Ground Town LLC
TUGG-The Under Ground Groovement

I found T.U.G.G. on LMA!

I searched all the shows and there was one from July of this year!


Soapbox Project was there too!

Here is the link to the show T.U.G.G show on LMA:


This show is very close to the set list that Dalton and I experienced at The Majestic this year when we went to the CD release party for “Mazes”. I was SO happy to find this one. It’s cool to have a show that comes from the same era as the show we saw. The “Rock You Like A Hurricane” tease at the beginning of “Waste Away” is awesome. This show is a great place to start if you are unfamiliar with T.U.G.G. The only thing that is missing is seeing the fun they have playing and interacting with the crowd. See them live if you get the chance.

The rest of the shows were from 2004-2005 era. It’s cool to hear how they have changed and how the sound has evolved while still being the T.U.G.G. sound. I can just see them in the University beer garden jamming and developing their sound. Andy’s voice is loud and proud and unmistakable. The La Crosse “Cellar” show has original stuff and they play some covers too. Check out their version of the Grateful Dead song “Friend Of The Devil”. Cool stuff.

I love live music. That’s why I visit sites like LMA.

Hopefully some more T.U.G.G. will get posted!

Andy… got anything in the vaults?!?



P.S.   Check out T.U.G.G. at http://www.tuggmusic.com/home and http://jamsspace.com/music/t/tugg

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