No Kitty No ! ! !

It seems our new adorable and angelic kitten Reggie

2013-08-09 07.10.38

is not so much a music lover.

Yesterday while he was looking for mischief while we were at work, he decided he would love to chew on something. Unfortunately it was my Sony MDR-V150 headphones.

2013-08-14 06.37.20

Chewed clean through! Good thing it wasn’t an electrical cord!

2013-08-14 06.37.31

Now, these are not the most expensive headphones ever, quite the opposite actually, you can get them for about 30 bucks, like I will have to do again, but they have great sound and are flexible which is a must since I sometimes sleep with them on. Not anymore I guess. I will have to put them in my bedside drawer at night.

I sprayed the cord with “BitterYuck” an anti-cat chewing spray and hung them up again on the headboard hoping to give Reggie a little lesson, but Reggie went after them again this morning and the spray seemed to have no effect. Sigh.

Good thing I didn’t own any of these!

Wow. You would have to sanitize your head before each use to keep them clean. You could probably just have the band come and play a set in your living room for that much. Of course you would record the show and want to listen to it while going to sleep the next night on your headphones…


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