As well stated before, Dalton and I spent a good deal of time in front of the stereo, making each other tapes and sharing new music and surprises. I have documented lots of the stuff Dalton made for me over the years.

I found this one recently though and had to immortalize it.

This one, on the B side of a Bongwater album, taped on a Pharmacology Of The Over-The-Counter Preparations : Part 1 UW Madison tape was a recording that Dalton and I had toyed with several times, but he finally made.


2013-07-25 07.36.34

This is a 24 minute and 3 second magnum opus of music.

Imagine if you will, the best 5 to 15 seconds of a song, the blazing solo, drum fill intro, or that piece of the song that just makes the song what it is. Dalton took these little snippets and strung them all together.

It starts with the first part of the Janes’s Addiction song “Stop” and he cuts it right after Perry sings “Here we go…!” then cuts immediately to the drum intro to Kingdom Come’s “Get It On” then to AC/DC’s intro for “What Do You Do For Money Honey” then Twilight Zone intro music and then Prince with “When Doves Cry” and that is just the first 1 minute and 17 seconds.

The amount of work and dubbing that it took to put this collection together is impressive. I recall when Dalton showed up and gave it to me. He was stoked to play it and see what parts I could guess and which parts would stump me. This was classic us. I would shout out the band or the song, better if I knew both.

Today to do this same thing you would have to pick your songs, drop them all into Audacity or a similar program and cut out the parts you want out of all the songs, save all the individual snippets and then arrange the snippets and build one song. He did it old school. He had to play the tape right to the part he wanted, pause it, record it, then move on the next. I don’t know how many snippets he used all together, but again, the work was impressive.


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  1. Thanks for the props. It was more fun than it was work. I’ve toyed with making a new shreds “song” but it seems overwhelming just thinking about it. I surprised myself I got just this only one done.

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