Update – Good -N- Loud Mural Gone!

The photos I took of the Good -N- Loud building guitar player guy mural by Ben Bauman were from a while ago, I had been saving the post. It just so happens that I had to go to the Hospital (for work) and went via University Avenue.

When I approached the location of the mural… it was GONE!

Since I had stopped to take the pictures and today the building has been torn down and a new building is going up!


2013-06-19 17.49.01


2013-09-06 08.53.17

I couldn’t believe that I had just posted the blog entry about it a few days ago and it was already gone by that time. So sad. I mean, what happened to it? Did they just demolish it? I can’t even think about that wall getting pushed over and destroyed by a bulldozer or getting toppled by a wrecking ball. That wall was a piece of art. I am sad that it is gone.

I have nothing against progress and I’m sure this will be a wonderful building, I just wonder what happened to the cinder blocks. They would have made a nice basement mural, or an awesome cinder block stereo rack! I even got close to see if I could see a pile of blocks somewhere.

2013-09-06 08.54.00

Nope. The site has been cleared and the new building is well on its way.

I SO would have bought one of the blocks as a memento. It would have been cool. I guess it was inevitable that the building would eventually come down, but imagine how many people have been up and down University Avenue, people who work down there and passed that mural like I did day after day. That mural guy was always rockin’ for us, even through the deep freeze of Wisconsin winter and the heat that buckled University Avenue in the summer.

Goodbye rock and roll mural guy.

You will be missed.

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