OTTC 2013 In Las Vegas

Every year we go to Hyland Software’s OTTC (OnBase Training and Technology Conference). They alternate cities and are back this year in Las Vegas. My town away from town. Two days of training and networking opportunities and product demos and a whole lot more, then 3 days of new product looks and classes on what each can do with refreshers on everything else. Plus, there is Vegas.

My Sunday class picture. I’m on the extreme far left with the speaker behind my head. Carrisa our instructor had this taken and tweeted it on the OTTC Twitter feed.


Also on the Twitter feed is this classic from Tiffany from Hyland. Conference theme is “Getting The Band Back Together”. This was her teams go at it.


They always do it up big and there are always some great signs and posters in theme for each OTTC. This year there are “tour shirts” as a giveaway.



See the nerdy binary shooting out like rays of sunshine.


Back side has “tour” dates.


I started coming to the OTTC’s in 2008. Vegas 3 times!

I also noticed this gem as I went to class today down a different hallway than the day before. It is their take on some great albums, with a Hyland twist. There were some in the Vogue area too.

2013-09-16 09.51.48

Their version of “The Clash – London Calling”

2013-09-16 09.55.11

“Beastie Boys – Check Your Head”

2013-09-16 09.54.50

“Dave Mathews Band – Under The Table And Dreaming”

2013-09-16 09.54.55

“Devo – Freedom Of Choice”

2013-09-18 12.33.47

“Metallica – Master Of Puppets”

2013-09-18 12.33.58

“Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon”

2013-09-18 12.34.07

There was a giant Abbey Road take too. These are some Hyland execs, reinventing the scene. Hysterical. That’s Miguel on the left in the full suit.

2013-09-16 09.55.25

Miguel was also captured as another classic.

2013-09-17 07.51.37

That’s Vegas baby!

Bravo Marketing. Bravo!

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