The Closest I Will Probably Ever Be To Carlos Santana

This week I am in sunny Las Vegas for OTTC (a convention for work). We are staying at the Mandalay Bay at the end of the new side of the strip. Weeks before we came I looked to see who was playing at The House Of Blues, which is in the hotel.

Turns out Santana is here the whole week.

I wouldn’t say that I was a huge Santana fan, but the guy is playing in my hotel, so out of curiosity I checked out ticket prices. The cheapest ticket is $99! That is not going to happen. On the spectrum of artists I will spend an unprecedented $100 on, Santana is not listed. Maybe Bowie at The House of Blues in my hotel and I would be pawning stuff.

The advertising for the show is relentless.

It is on the blinking sign that makes my room seem like a lightning storm is just outside.


and it is on the ends of slot machine aisles


and in the lobby as well


THAT would be a kick ass show poster.

There is even a huge sign I pass each day on the way to the conference.

2013-09-17 07.47.54

Makes me want to listen to my “Santana – Abraxas” album, but not drop $100 bucks.

I will have to stop in to The House of Blues gift shop before I go home though.

They always have cool stuff.

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