Best Buy Express

Travelling back from Vegas I came across a Best Buy Express machine in the terminal while waiting for my plane.

2013-09-20 05.38.26

You have to admit, whoever thought of this idea is a genius. No employees to man it and no hassles. It’s like a vending machine for hi-tech gadgets. Need an I-Pad or headphones while you are on your way to anywhere? Insert your credit cards and push the button.

2013-09-20 05.38.38

Buzzzzzzz… plop. You got it.

I considered the $20 headphones that I had recently bought that I used in the plane and terminal on the way to Vegas. Maybe I am just not that discerning, or I’m just cheap. Either way, they work great and I wouldn’t change them out.

However, out of curiosity, I checked the screen for pricing of earbud headphones. Holy $hit!

2013-09-20 05.38.10

The splitter in here is $16.99!!

The cheapest earbud headphones in this oversized vending machine were the Sony MDR’s for $69.99 ! That is nuts. Even if they are noise cancelling. The Cadillac headphones in this Best Buy Express are the Bose Quiet Comfort pair at $299.99. Could there really be $230 difference between the two?

Maybe the guy who buys $20 headphones is not the one to judge, but seriously. These are EARBUDS.

Once again, I think that the Best Buy Express is brilliant. There are likely travelers that treat themselves to things they think they need on their trip, or have forgotten, or have always wanted and  whatever the reason, Best Buy sells it to them without even having to pay an employee.

Now if they could combine it with snacks it would be super brilliant.

Press A-4 for Doritos and I-Pad combo.

Buzzzzzzz… plop.

Thank you. Come again.

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