Surprise! Kenwood KX-W4080

The other day I came to work and sitting on my desk was an awesome tape deck! I love surprises. This is a double auto reverse high-speed dubbing tape deck.

2013-09-09 18.22.27

Model KX-W4080

2013-09-09 18.24.09

She is a beauty. Turns out Josh brought this in for me. He got this from family and had no use for it, and he thought I might like it.


In my days in Ann Arbor, when I first got into stereo equipment, Kenwood was a HUGE name in stereo equipment. There were certain names that just made you think of (true or not) high-end stuff. Sort of the way for some reason Blaupunkt is stuck in my head as great car stereo stuff. Anyway, I knew 2 guys that had Kenwood components and they had, the kind that made you drool a bit. Hand built stereo cabinets and huge speakers and I remember Kenwood was on part or all of their equipment.

This Kenwood unit is nice.

2013-09-09 18.24.19

I powered it up, found a headphone adapter for the larger size hole and fired up a Buddy Guy tape. It sounded great. Just enough lights to look at without being distracting or without lighting up the entire room with glow. I remember having one tape deck that had so many lights on the dials and the displays that I had a small towel over it that I flipped down over the front when I was going to bed. It was crazy.

This one also has high-speed dubbing.

2013-09-09 18.24.42

It’s a beauty.

Last year this time I was out of tape decks. Now I have a Kenwood.

Thanks Josh!

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