Things My Mom Leaves

My mom left this for me and I had to put it on here. Blog related.

2013-10-06 12.31.22

She also left this one. Reminds me of talking to Joey.

2013-10-06 12.30.41

Joey thinks my records are amusing, has never owned a cassette, and does not like to be too far away from the I-Pod Touch he uses.

He has no idea what it is like to save money for weeks, wait for a ride to the mall, where you have hundreds of albums pass through your hands and have to pick just one to buy and take home, wait while your mom shops other stores prolonging your wait, opening it in the car on the way home to validate that the all important lyrics are included written on the paper liner or the album’s gatefold, finally making it home where you spend hours listening and re-listening to the whole album while trying to decipher the nuances of the lyrics, and hoping the album is so good that it changes the way you look at music altogether, or at the very least that there are more good songs than bad ones so you won’t have to go to the turntable and lift the needle over the annoying track(s) and possibly scratch the album you just went through all the hardships for in the first place.

Joey hears a song, goes to I-Tunes and buys just that song, knowing that he will like it, and it is ready to listen to in about 2 seconds.

For him hardship is when our internet connection is slow.

Ah, youth.

Thanks for always thinking of me mom!

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  1. Man, bring him over to my man cave and we’ll play him some good stuff on vinyl with the Rega . . . it blew my son away and converted him — he used to make fun of me, but not now!!

    1. I think Joey finds the records an amusing pastime of a now old man. 🙂

      I’m sure one day he will complain to his kids how he once had to load his I-Pod and what an antiquated system it now is and laugh while he tells them.

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