Recycle THIS !


I haven’t always recycled. I remember when it was just starting out. It was called ecology.

Then I remember when there was a recycle area in town. This was a new thing. You could take your stuff there if you so desired and if could keep things separated that long. There was a place for cardboard and glass. I went there once.

Then there was the recycle bin. The city delivered it to us. It was small and more than once I had to chase things down the street when they blew out of the bin when I was taking it to the curb.

THEN came the recycle bin on wheels that we have now.

I applaud all the recycling that is going on. Grocery stores have places to recycle your plastic bags. There are places to recycle your old glasses. It is spreading in a big way.

This one was a new one on me though. Target has a bin where you can recycle your MP3 player.

2013-10-12 18.10.14

The only thing I could see inside was something made by Conair, which I thought only made hair driers. I guess I would have never thought about bringing my I-Pod to Target to recycle it.

As I looked at this bin I noticed something.

2013-10-12 18.10.08

This bin is locked. So they aren’t worried that someone will get into the plastic bag recycling bin, but this one yes. This makes me wonder. I mean what does Target do with cell phones and MP3 players that are donated here. Don’t get me wrong, I applaud efforts to recycle. I found this that tells that Target IS recycling, but it doesn’t tell what is being done with them.

I know you can donate cell phones to places that give them as emergency phones to those that need them.

I hope that all these phones are not being refurbished and sold for profit. There are too many people who need them for them to end up as land fill.

Now, is there a slice of population that is served by my old MP3 players? LOL.

Oh my gosh! There is! I found this:

Best Buy has been doing this for a while. Behold one of their recycle receptacles. Cords and cables too. It is nice to see that it is spreading to stores like Target and Walmart.


I just hope the green they are all going for is eco-friendly and community profiting… not cash.

Go green or go home.

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