Ocean Beach

When I was in San Francisco visiting Jeff, he turned me on to a band called “Red House Painters” and a CD called “Ocean Beach”.  He described it as sad core and I always thought that was funny, but if you know the band, not far off of reality.

This particular CD’s cover he pointed out had a San Francisco landmark on the cover.


Jeff took me sightseeing and we stopped to check out the windmill.

A less artsy view:


Somehow I managed to not take a single picture while I was out there with Jeff and Jeannie, but the video I shot includes some footage of the windmill and surrounding area.

2013-11-10 10.53.41

I was there!

2013-11-10 10.55.51

I went on to become a big fan of Red House Painters thanks to Jeff, and I believe it is the only time I have been in the location of an album cover photo, that I am aware of.

There are a few websites that have taken this location of album cover photos and superimposed the album cover on the location as it is today. Very cool. 9 out of 10 Google searches for this will get you to this site. Amazing.


It makes me wish I lived in New York.


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