You Might Be A Reproduction Guitar If…

…you are hanging in a McDonald’s.

2013-10-10 11.49.31

These guitars are in the same “Classic” McDonald’s that has the Abbey Road print, you can see it on the far right.

I have noticed these guitars before and not paid them much attention, but the day I took the pictures of the Beatles print it made me wonder. So on a recent trip back, I took a shot of the guitars. There is a Chuck Berry and a Bo Diddley. They are real guitars. No doubt about that. I suspect that most people believe they are real, but, come on. They are creating an aura of the 50’s to go with the vision of the restaurant. They are not a Hard Rock Café. If you see these guitars in a Hard Rock Café, you can bet they are real. At Classic McDonald’s… I doubt it. That is not a cut on McD’s. These are cool and really go with all the other stuff. No way they are real though.

I did a quick Google search for autographed Chuck Berry guitars.

I could almost believe that if they had just a signed pick guard and used it on a reproduction guitar to fill the display, but the guitar itself is signed in both Chuck and Bo’s displays. There is no way that these expensive guitars are hanging here.

This is not a cut on the Classic McDonald’s. It’s not their business to provide genuine articles of 1950’s rock and roll memorabilia.

Besides… they always have to worry about this guy.


“I will robble robble your guitars!”

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