Bizarre Synchronicity – Deke Dickerson

I have spoken many times about synchronicity, thinking of a band and then hearing it soon afterwards, or coming across an album by the band, or some other connection. It has happened to me for the longest time.

As the last touch of the blog post about the 2 guitars on display in a nearby McDonalds, I searched for a Google image of The Hamburglar. I clicked on a few looking for a good size. Suddenly a name popped out as the linking page of the image on one. I blinked. Really?

The page was:

This is a blog by Deke Dickerson, whom I saw play with The Reverend Horton Heat this summer! My post show post:

Deke was really good. He played great and oddly I have a video of him effing during his performance. After the show he was standing off to the side near the stage and as I passed him on the sidewalk I stopped and shook hands with him.

So how the hell did I end up here while searching for images of The Hamburglar? He mentions Hamburglar in his blog. Is that not a weird coincidence?? I took it as a sign and bought his book for my Kindle.

His blog is an interesting read. It has an old film he made for high school and lots of YouTube links to bands he talks about and he has lots of info on old bands and musicians. There is also a link to his Webpage:


His Website has a collection of old weird album covers and sections on armless musicians, gospel midgets and one man bands. Lots of history. You can buy his many many albums there too of course.

After The Reverend Horton Heat show I found several Deke shows on Live Music Archive if you’d like to check him out.

These are the kind of little surprises that life hands you sometimes.

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