Merry Christmas From The Aural Retentive

We had some snow, not too terribly much, but enough to make it a white Christmas and not give me a stroke when Joey and Abbey and I shoveled (both of my snow-blowers refuse to start).

2013-12-25 11.03.17

As I write this, the wedding is 2 days hence. The DJ has been appraised of our no play list, final plans are being touched up and packing is going on for a last load to the venue.

Christmas took a bit of a back seat to wedding planning this year, but we did eventually put up one of the Christmas trees that we will be using for decorating the venue and put our presents under it. Almost no ornaments, no blinky lights and no topper.

2013-12-23 08.55.09

Someone tried to photo bomb a cat in the picture, that is what the weird ghost phasing is on the right hand side of the picture.

This is what I got from Abbey.

2013-12-25 11.01.49

It’s a book and video on how to play the drums. It comes with drumsticks and a practice drum pad for when you don’t want to go to the cold basement to the drum kit to practice 8th notes.

2013-12-25 11.02.07

Neil Peart look out! Thanks Abbey.

Merry Christmas everyone, from The Aural Retentive !

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