Disc Jockey Plays Humpty Dance

Early on in the planning of the wedding it seemed that the music held an exalted spot, right next to the dress for Cindy and the venue, especially since we have such emphatic opinions on songs and artists. We had our no play list immediately and knew we had to have a DJ and not a band. We need original versions, as played by the artists that created them.

I recall getting an album when I was a kid that was “All The Greats” and it was all the songs I had been looking for on one record. I was amazed. I bought it with the few bucks I had and got it home and threw it on and braced myself for bliss. Wah wah wah… it was awful. What I hadn’t seen was that there was a small disclaimer that read something like “songs performed by The American Kids” which meant that it was a full album of covers of current great songs performed, not awfully, but by a kids vocal group. I was crestfallen.

I did however learn a valuable lesson. When you want to hear your favorite songs only the original versions will do. Hence: No band, DJ.

That’s not a blanket dismissal of all wedding bands, I can appreciate the value of a good live band, but unless I am going to be standing and watching and leaving with a ticket stub, I think a DJ is the way to go. Good luck getting the bass player of a band to set up a portable speaker and microphone for toasts in the dining area and then be ready to go for the bridal party entrance right after.

Sorry Adam.


I have loved the notion of a DJ since I saw the video for David Bowie’s song “DJ”

Love the equipment in that video.

Our DJ met with us early when we arrived, whereupon we stressed our no play list and he indicated that we had picked enough songs that we did like that the night’s playlist was mostly picked already. Then the swirl of the day began and the music got tuned out by the emotions and the voices in my head… there was music playing when we all walked in, but I couldn’t really process any of it. We had painstakingly chosen music for each part of the ceremony, but I’ll have to wait for the video to hear any of it. The first music I really recall was “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen as we walked out, now Husband and Wife.

During dinner I recall our “Rat Pack” theme music playing.

Then after dinner, the bridal party entrance came and then I do recall Cindy and I having our first dance to Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love”. Cindy danced with her father, then I danced with my mom (Hi Mom!) to Stevie Wonder’s “Sunshine Of My Life”.

We were in the Generations dance, though I can’t recall the music. Cindy’s folks won that one. 44 Years. Way to go!

Then I was in the dollar dance and I barely even remember there was music. Though photographic evidence clearly shows our DJ and Joey and I at the end of the dollar dance.


Then I was off the floor and trying to get to my friends who came that I had barely seen up to that point. I was vaguely aware that music was still playing, but honestly, I wouldn’t have really realized if a song from our no play list was played. People were dancing and having a good time, but I didn’t really partake until Abbey brought me out to do the “Cupid Shuffle”. Then I danced to “The Humpty Dance” and “Tricky” and maybe a song or two more, and then sidled slowly away to rejoin my friends.

The sight of my 3 kids dancing together melted my heart. I watched them dancing and laughing and as I write this now I wish I had snapped a picture with my phone. It was totes adorbs. Lol, that was for you Abbey.

I remember vividly talking to someone in the area of the bar that though I had been fixated early on about the music that today I had barely absorbed any, and would likely say the next day… “They played music?!”

Okay, it wasn’t quite like that, but I must say that when it came right down to the day, I was so occupied with other stuff, talking to people I hadn’t seen in years, or meeting for the first time, that the music was for the other folks there and less for us.

The music I did hear though was better by the original artists.

No offence wedding singers.

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