Beware – The Black Angels Coming To The Majestic

The Black Angels are a band introduced to me by Otis.


In one of our very early exchanges he gave me 2 Black Angels releases and I liked them a lot. They are a moody, somewhat eerie at times kind of a band, sort of like a doped up psychedelic Black Keys at a Halloween party, but in a good way.

They grew on me and I discovered that I had some KEXP live performances by them in my Podcasts. You can see and hear one of these here:


and when I discovered the IROCKE website, I recorded their Austin City Limits performance. I highly recommend you check them out.

Today, as I was researching some random stuff about Madison on E-bay I was surprised to find a listing that was selling tickets to a Black Angels show at The Majestic on February 4th!

Sweet! I hadn’t heard they were coming. That would be a great show to see.

Whoa! Tickets are $60 bucks??

I paid $50 to see B. B. King and that was probably the most I have ever spent on a concert ticket in my life. To pay $60 was simply too much. I was sad, but I would have to skip that one.  😦   I rarely use emoticons, but in this scenario it is called for.

Puzzled by the high price, not that The Black Angels are not worth $60 to some folks, I went to The Majestic website for the show in February.

What the hell?! They are selling tickets for $22!    Back to this:   🙂

I have no idea who these people are that are selling tickets for $60 bucks (and that is before no doubt before charges and taxes) but they are nuts. Or brilliant I guess.

For you Madison folks though… for God’s sake, order tickets from The Majestic. You have been warned.

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