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The place I go for haircuts nowadays is called The Barbershop.

Not the kind of place where they have all the combs in that blue fluid and nip your ear with scissors while they talk to the other guys getting haircuts animatedly, making you afraid… but a nice place near work that is cheap AND, the best part, good.

While you wait there are peanuts to eat, plenty of man style magazines to look through, and a bulletin board with cards on it from all kinds of folks and services and such… and near the end of summer, I put mine up there. Why not? There is a card from someone doing DJ work. Mine is not crazy. Time I started using some.

2013-09-07 09.22.04

I pinned it up there proudly, got my haircut and left.

I was back there for my pre-pre-wedding haircut and while I waited I glanced over to see if it was still there. To my surprise… it was. It had moved to the upper right corner…

2013-11-22 12.24.09

but it was still there. I wonder if anyone has ever checked out the blog based on seeing that card hanging there.

I figured it would be lost and gone the day I pinned it there.

Nice job The Barbershop. Great haircuts and respect.

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