Big Leg Emma

Otis appeared the other day at my cube with a surprise for me. He had gone to the most recent Record Store Day and had found something he thought I would dig, and he was right.

I have been sporting a huge poster of Frank Zappa in my work cube for many years and he saw this and bought it for me:

2013-12-18 07.14.40

A mono pressing of The Mothers Of Invention doing Big Leg Emma and Why Don’tcha Do Me Right. It’s a 45! Sweet!

Notable is the spindle hole.

2013-12-18 07.15.25

I guess the days of the big center hole for the stacking spindle are gone. I guess that’s good, but the poor guy whole invented the little plastic thing that adapted the big center hole to this smaller one must sad these days.

I put it on for one ceremonial playing before I frame it for the man cave.

2013-12-18 07.18.10

Kind of looked small and diminutive on the platter, but as soon as the mustachioed deep voiced Frank began to sing, the air thickened and the room filled with his big personality. I love this song. Wah ah ah… oh yeah. Ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma ma¬†Emma.

I digress.

I played this one, then ever so delicately slid it back into the sleeve and made sure not to touch the grooves. It is safe again. I’m gonna need a lot of wall space and frames in this future man cave. Hmm.

My copy is # 5079

2013-12-18 07.20.09

Thanks again Otis. I loved it!

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