The Morning Zoo on WSUM

I have mentioned several times my love for The Morning Zoo on WSUM. The Snake On The Lake.

DJ Wiki Ben (Pattern Recognition – and Randy B (Freak Scene – podcasts their shows (bravo!) so I get to hear those in full when they post later, but the others are elusive. I get to hear from 7:30 – 8:00 when I’m driving, but the rest of the show is usually lost as I rush around in the morning getting ready, but I catch what I can.

Things have gotten better lately.

My big stereo doesn’t have an antenna (stupidly fixable problem I know) but I have recently found that I can make the under the cabinet radio tune the station in great.

If I put the antenna in just the right spot, sort of like the kid moving the rabbit ears on an old TV set I can get the station in clear. The radio/I-Pod player is no Sony receiver.

I twist the antenna around the handle of the door of the cabinet…

2014-01-15 06.51.26

and open it so that it faces north

2014-01-15 06.51.36

and viola! Tuned in perfectly and fills the morning with the Morning Zoo. Bliss.

This is what I will work around to listen to this station in the morning to get it crisp over the airwaves. It is worth it. If you haven’t checked out WSUM and their morning shows (I also dig U-Dub on Wednesday nights) then you should!

Tom, DJ Wiki Ben, Jake, DJ Renton and Randy B…

WSUM Morning Zoo…

You complete me.

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