The Black Angels – Majestic Theater Madison – 02-04-2014 – Pre Show

Pre show… if I have time to listen to music today it will be The Black Angels on my phone (some KEXP live shows) gearing up for tonight’s show.

2014-01-20 19.29.23

I’m going with Otis (who first turned me on to The Black Angels) and Amy his wife.

It occurs to me that I really couldn’t tell you a single song name. I have listened to them as a sort of soundtrack and know the songs by ear, but not by name. That is a bit of a today’s modern problem I know.

I guess it really only impacts my being able to shout out my requests during short stage downtimes between songs.

“Play that one that goes da dum na da dum boom boom boom!”

Nope, not gonna work. Sigh.


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