Happy Birthday Johnny Cash

This show, that we are going to Friday night, was Cindy’s suggestion.



Today would have been Johnny’s 82nd birthday.

Tickets were only $10 bucks and Nellie Wilson will be playing. I just saw her open for Wayne Hancock. I’m excited for Cindy to see her. I don’t know anyone else on the bill, but it should be a good time.

I have to admit I only have a few Johnny Cash albums, but I’m looking forward to this show. I have been sweetening on country music, though Johnny Cash is more than just country. In fact, his “Live At Folsom Prison”


was my first taste and that album is more rock than twangy country. Respect. I can’t remember who lent it to me, but I recall being wowed that he was such an entertainer. I also have his 4 CD box set “American Recordings”


There is some haunting stuff on here. Cindy has his “Greatest Hits” that I will put on my phone and listen to in preparation for Friday.

I’ll wear something black that night.

Happy Birthday.


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