Rush – Caress Of Steel ! YES! NO! YES!

We were at a Goodwill store in Madison looking for clocks to turn into record clocks and no trip would be complete without checking out the records. Sadly there was nothing.

Side note… if you are a Barbara Streisand or a Barry Manillow fan and a closet vinyl junkie… get out to a record store. They are EVERYWHERE. You can have both of their full collections for a handful of bucks. You know who you are.

Anyway, after buying CD’s at St. Vinny’s I had to check out the CD’s here.

The very first one I came across, laying on its side at the end of a row of CD’s was none other than “Rush – Caress Of Steel”! In my head I squealed giddily and grabbed it. It was in rough shape, with tape holding the broken CD case cover on, and someone had sharpied a big number on it, but this was “Caress Of Steel” I had to have it.

I opened the case and to my utter jaw dropping dismay the CD was not in the case. Ugh. No way. I was crestfallen. I closed the case and put it back on the shelf. A few more CD’s later I found another that I wanted, opened it, and the CD wasn’t in there either. It had a sharpied number on it too.


All the actual CD’s were up front and they had them numbered. I immediately went back and grabbed “Caress Of Steel” again.

“Rush – Caress Of Steel”

2014-01-25 08.30.08

Mine! There is a tendency to call any currently playing or in the hand Rush album your favorite, that is the magic of the band, but, I really do believe this one is my favorite. It came to me in a time when I was into reading Conan and The Hobbit and fit in perfectly cementing itself in my consciousness. One side is “normal songs” and the other is a full side suite of songs loosely based on Tolkein. Classic awesome stuff. I think the CD’s were $1.25 or so and well worth it.

I got 3 others as well.

“Rush – A Show Of Hands”

2014-01-25 08.30.27

Live Rush. I haven’t listened to this one much, but at the price it will make good van music. This is a later set of music, from albums that years ago I dismissed but came to love. I had to get it.

“Dee Jay Punk-Roc – Chicken Eye”

2014-01-25 08.30.18

This one I dubbed from Kris B. when I was at Marshall Erdman in the Engineering department. It’s fun stuff. Sort of an acid jazz mix with heavy beats and samples. I couldn’t believe this was here. Snag.

Last but not least, there was a CD by Dierks Bentley. Now, I have never really bought a country CD before, but Dierks does my # 1 Country jam of all time: the song “Tip It On Back”. I decided to take a chance.

“Dierks Bentley – Modern Day Drifter”

2014-01-25 08.30.37

It’s not bad, but there is nothing on here like “Tip It On Back” and consequently it will probably be made into a small clock, or given away. Sorry Dierks.

Abbey was on a show in New York with Dierks as the musical guest. I blogged it on here somewhere. There is a picture of Abbey in the background as Dierks sings a slow one. She was on the band bench.

“Rush – Caress Of Steel” made the stop WELL worth it.

Rush… I love you guys.

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