Live On U-Dub

If you are out there listening to the radio on a rainy Wednesday night…

tune to WSUM 91.7 and catch U-Dub. DJ Kayla Kush plays dub and reggae and I never seem to be home or available to listen to her show, so I downloaded Tune In Radio Pro for the stagger amount of .99 cents just so I could record the show.

For those who can’t get to the show at 7:00 on Wednesdays, try the CD.

Live On U-Dub

T.U.G.G. is on it, whom I have seen, Kingstown Rockers, whom I have also seen, and Natty Nation, whom I sadly have not seen yet except on TV and YouTube. We were going to see a Natty Nation show during the winter but the weather was life threatening and we had to back out. I have their “Natty Nation – Reincarnation” CD, which I got surprisingly from The Original Pancake House on University Avenue in Madison. There was a little non-descript basket with their CD in it and a little sign that said “For Sale Here”. Seemed an odd place to be selling any CD’s, but I had really dug their live performance on Madison Public TV. So I bought it, and I’ve been trying to see them since. Anyway…

Only $5 bucks and it benefits WSUM. Buy it here:

There is also a 3 buck digital download, but I’m getting CD.


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