Waunakee Intermediate School 6th Grade Band Concert, yo.

Tonight was the Waunakee Intermediate School 6th Grade Band Concert. Joe plays French Horn and was magically elusive as he walked in. I didn’t get many good shots. He played trumpet before and was more towards the end and I got good pictures. This show he was in the middle of the middle row, French Hornville. Except for a couple of his smile, and scowl when he caught me taking pictures, these were it.


Classic a-boy-and-his-horn shot:


The concert was really good, amazing how fast these kids have learned their instruments. Joe learned 2 this year. He chose to go to General music and not play next year, but on the ride home from the concert he tells us that he has been talking to the band teacher and may play a double French horn next year. It has an extra valve for higher notes. Not sure how he is going to work that out since our 2 day “let’s think carefully about this decision” event just prior to the last day for elective changes approached ended in a “no band” decision. He says he has it under control.

If I had to do it all over again and could play an instrument I’d be the poor kid dragging the stand up bass to and from school.

Portrait of the artist as a young man, with his old man.


Good show Joe. Good show.


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