Apartment Warming Clock

Dalton moved into a new place and it seemed fitting to make a nice apartment warming clock as a gift. I’ve made a bunch and have collected over the past year about 15 old clocks and stripped the mechanisms and hands and all I need is a record. I was going to try to make a batch for garage sale day this year, but had no time for it. Next year.

The album to use for this clock had to be a good one. Not just any one would do. This was for Dalton.

I had a record immediately in mind. I had bought by accident a second copy of “Van Halen – Women And Children First”. Perfect!

I had a very special mechanism in mind for Dalton’s clock too. It was the one and only pendulum clock I have even found. Very cool. Old school ornate hands of metal and a second hand. This was the one for him.

I had to drill a larger hole that normal, so this one is probably not playable anymore, but it turned out so cool!

2014-05-24 20.23.10

You can see my Jagged Edge record clock in the far background.

This one has the fancy hands

2014-05-24 20.22.02

and the pendulum cleared the record so you can see it.

2014-05-24 20.21.56

I ran to show Cindy my creation and while I was showing her the pics, I heard a crash. Yeah, it fell off the wall. Of course. I managed to get all the pieces back together and in the process I figured out that the pendulum part could be set even lower for even more movement.

2014-05-24 20.35.00

It really swings when it hangs lower. I made sure to hang it on a good nail and after this pic, wisely took it down until I give it to him. I don’t want to rebuild it again.

I think it may be the best clock I ever made. It will keep time for Dalton well.

Rock on my friend. Rock on.


Addendum: I delivered today.

Dalton’s apartment is cool. It’s in a nice place and he has it decorated appropriately.

2014-06-01 13.18.21

with appropriate books (see Jimi peeking at you?)

2014-06-01 13.18.44

and now a record clock too!

The pendulum doesn’t seem to be working. Apparently it was just working because I flicked it and I didn’t have it on the wall long enough to see it slow down sadly then stop. Boo. It’s still a nice look though. I made Dalton pose with it.

2014-06-01 14.12.56

P.S.    Nice shirt buddy!

It’s the thought that counts and not the pendulum, right?  LOL

Happy house-warming dude.


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  1. Thanks again for the clock, man. It’s awesome and fits nicely with my apartment. I’ll have to try to come up with something to surprise you with. Movie, pizza and a cold boy would be nice. It’s been awhile. “Look I’ll pay you for it. What the fuck”. David Lee Roth

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