CD’s Are Dead! Wait… I Need These.

Now that I am driving the Escape and there is no tape deck, my recently purchased tapes are languishing, and I really shouldn’t buy any more CD’s, but… having a CD I like specifically for the car for only a buck, sometimes I can’t resist.

Today for instance.

I picked up a pair of Liz Phair: “Whip Smart” and “Exile In Guyville”

2014-05-31 17.06.42

Liz Phair was introduced to me by Jeff when I visited him in San Francisco many years ago. He played me “Exile In Guyville” and I loved it. I went into a phase where I had to have everything she ever did and I got some really obscure stuff. I love her version of the “Bannana Splits” theme song. Awesome.

I also found this one which was a real surprise.

“Nicola Conte – Jet Sounds Revisited”

2014-05-31 17.07.05

I heard Nicola Conte when I was discovering Thievery Corporation and they had a track on this. I thought the whole thing was theirs, realized my mistake, but by then was digging it.

I even ventured into some Italian pop music podcasts after this. They didn’t last, but I still love this one. It has that oldtime Italian smooth sound that makes you tap your toe and snap your fingers. Very hip. When I listen to this I envision a picnic on a summertime hillside with a bottle of wine.

Anyway, the real surprises of the trip were the last 2 CD’s.

This one is only a burned CD, and I thought illegal to sell, but I had to buy it.

2014-05-31 17.07.39

“The Westside Andy/Mel Ford Band – Live On The Westside”

This is the one I tried to get directly from Andy and he was sold out!

Actually I had gotten it from Dan from work (thanks Dan!), another fellow music lover at UWHC, but it’s cool having a cover, even if only a scan of the real cover. I couldn’t believe I was looking at this when I was standing in St Vinnies. All the searching I did trying to find this and then I find it here?! Funny.

There was another Madison treat in the stacks. Another one I couldn’t believe I was seeing here.

“Brandon Beebe – In The Place”

2014-05-31 17.08.22

I saw Brandon’s show in Madison and the mob around the merch table was pretty big and we needed to go, so I ended up buying it as a download from Amazon. To have the CD, especially for a buck is cool. This is a good album and if you get a chance to see Brandon live, you gotta go. How he does his loop stacking is really awesome. But wait… it turns out that this purchase was even better than I thought.

It’s signed!

2014-05-31 17.08.42

Sweet !

So, yeah, CD’s are dead. I can play my phone or my I-Pod through my car stereo. I don’t need any more CD’s ever.

But I needed these.

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  1. Nice blog. I saved totes of my CD’s and can’t get myself to throw them away. I kinda like listening to them in the car and do random with the 6 discs. You’re right. They’re not necessary but I think I need them.

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