Portrait Of A Music Nerd (2 Of Them)

Dalton had alerted me to the “Jack White – Lazaretto” Ultra LP that Jack was talking about on the talk show circuit. That there were interesting special features and gimmicks built into the record. Vinyl. You gotta love it. He said he was going to buy us each one, but they were sold out on Amazon.

I did some checking and they were sold out everywhere I checked too.

Finally I found it on Third Man Records (Jack Whites label) and there was a video about all of the features of the LP.

I was confused about whether the button to order the record was the Ultra or the regular one, I panicked and didn’t order it that day. As it turns out I don’t think there IS a version that is not the Ultra LP. Ah well. A week later I ventured into Half Price Books and to my surprise, they had “Lazarretto” in their small section of new albums! 2 Copies no less. I snatched them up.

When Dalton came over, I presented his copy to him and we opened mine and put it through the paces. It really is a very very cool piece, on top of being a great album. You get both all rolled into one. Amazing record and a record with a double handful of fun tricks and novelties.

It was like a scene from the old days where the kids huddled around the record player. That I’m sure was the intent, to get physical with the music and get engaged with the vinyl. We were delighted when the right angle revealed the spinning angel hologram, and we played with the acoustic/electric intro to “Just One Drink” and cursed when we couldn’t try the secret tracks on the label (my record player auto lifts the tone arm that far in). We were in awe. The record player area became a sideshow event. By his own admission some of the extras of the album have been done before, but this is all of the old tricks, some new tricks and they are all rolled into one record. Amazing.

This is one you WILL pull out when your vinyl speaking friends come over. It is just too good and packed with cool tricks not to.

I bow to you Jack and team of vinyl loving engineers. Bravo.

I gloriously suggested we pose with our copies.

2014-06-27 21.37.43

Could you possibly get more musically nerdy?

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  1. I didn’t need that picture to know I’m nerdy…I just look in the mirror daily. Thanks again for the awesome record. I appreciate it. Have you started the 5 month countdown for our concert

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