Country Call Outs

Every now and again… I will throw on my Buck Owens I-Heart Radio station and go all twangy. I even spin the dial to Mixed or even (gasp) Less Familiar to hear new stuff. Originally I was only interested in Buck, but I have to admit that several artists have crept into my “country” playlist.

Now you have to remember that for the majority of my music loving life I have been largely opposed to country music. This was reinforced by several years of forced exposure to country music where I worked (a whole other story) which pushed me over the edge.

John Anderson’s “Swingin” still gives me hives.

At any rate, I have softened quite a bit and even begun to embrace SOME country music. I have learned to appreciate such “old timers” as Faron Young, Junior Brown, Ernest Tubb, Lefty Frizzell and today I heard a lot of Don Rich. He reminded me a lot of Buck Owens and I made a note to check him out.

don rich 70s

Turns out he was part of Buck Owens “Buckaroos”. No wonder his sound was so familiar.


I am going to have to get Don’s Greatest. I have liked everything I heard so far.

In all the country music listening I have done over the past year, I have noticed 1 thing that seems not unique, but more prevalent in country music. The shout out.

There are lots of country songs where other country performers are called out in tribute. I hear a lot of country stars calling out Hank Williams. Today I heard 3 in about an hour. Examples: David Allan Coe “You Never Even Called Me By My Name” and “Willie, Waylon And Me”, also Junior Brown “My Baby Don’t Dance To Nothing But Ernest Tubb” and Waylon Jennings “Luckenback Texas”. Is this a country thing? I’m sure there are rock songs that do the same, but as I sit here and think I can’t seem to think of any.

It would be funny to hear Led Zeppelin called out on in Van Halen song.

Damn, I just thought of 2 rock songs that do call outs! Deep Purple’s “Smoke On The Water” calls out Frank Zappa and The Mothers, and Van Morrison’s “And The Healing Has Begun” calls out Muddy Waters.

Ok, never mind.

I still think that country music does this more often however, perhaps there is more of a community feeling amongst country artists. I think it’s kind of cool. I think more rock artists should start doing this.

When I become the drummer for my imaginary band “Animosity Killed The Cat” and I write lyrics while on tour… I will give a shout out to Trent and Billy and Perry in my song that’s sure to be a hit single and be a chart crossover and guarantee our early retirement to Vegas with a private island too.

Ah, the good life.

Take that Hank Williams!

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