Brandon Beebe – Lucky’s Waunakee – 08/02/2014

Went to see Brandon Beebe last night with Cindy. He was playing Lucky’s in Waunakee! It was local. Awesome.

2014-08-02 20.09.57

We got there and he was still setting up. The sun unbelievable was setting right behind the stage, so it was brutal for a little while. You can see the orb shine in the upper right. Brandon’s array of cords and pedals and such are pretty serious. I have no idea how he keeps it all straight, but he sure does.

2014-08-02 19.21.59

As he went back and forth I walked up and said hi and that I dug his opening for Meshell N’degeocello. He signed my CD and the pen was working horribly, I walked away and tried to prime it on some paper, then asked him to try to sign the cover. It was better, but still not good. Ah well. He was a good sport and then I left him alone. He finished setting up and then got started.

2014-08-02 19.36.48

I really enjoy the way he crafts a whole backing sound with the little loops he records live and then blends to make a rhythm section and his own accompaniment. It’s a really cool effect and there is both an industrial and organic sound in what he does. With a tap of his foot he turns it on and off and uses sometimes all the recorded loops and sometimes just a part to highlight the part of the song he is in. Sometimes he records more loops in the midst of the end of the song right there in front of you to create a chorus of voices in a lavish build-up to the conclusion of the song. It is really something to watch.

On top of all that his voice is so smooth and he plays well.

2014-08-02 19.49.29

You have to see it to believe he is not a full band. At one point he was playing a full rhythm section, was singing his own backup, and then had a few bars of soloing all at the same time. I think it would take not only the talent to play the material in the first place, but then to keep track of what you have recorded for loops and the accuracy to turn them on and off all at the right times as you are playing other parts of the songs. If you get a chance to see Brandon, you cannot go wrong.

He played material from his album “In This Place”

2014-08-03 15.54.49

and a whole host of covers. He played some straight, and some he used his looping for, so versatile. He played among others: “Angel From Montgomery”, “Blackbird”, “When Doves Cry”, “You Don’t Know How It Feels”, and even some Bob Marley with “Stir It Up” for which he brought out the melodica.

It was a great show and during the break Brandon came over and talked to Cindy and I and asked if we had any requests. “She’s The Moon” I said of course.

He set up lights after the sun went down.

2014-08-02 20.56.28

Of course he played in that next set “She’s The Moon”. I love that one. The poor guy also had to request some bug spray, with the lights on him the mosquitos were rabid.

It was a very nice evening with some great music with old favorites, and covers that I had not heard him do before.

Go see Brandon Beebe if he is playing near you. You won’t regret it.

His site:

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