T.U.G.G. – Live On King Street 08-08-2014

This year the Live On King Street lineup offered no particular standout main act for me like last years Reverend Horton Heat with Wayne Hancock. I almost passed on the whole thing, but for one tiny detail.

Live On King Street Linup 2014

See it? Look closer. Look at the openers.       Bingo.


T.U.G.G.   !!        I was stoked.

As it turns out we ended up making plans for that weekend, so I came to terms with not going. I have seen them twice before, and they are only getting hotter, so I vowed to see them again another time.

Turns out however, we ended up going! Date night on King Street.

We saw T.U.G.G. and then went to a nice dinner. I’m sure Ziggy was awesome, but I just wanted Cindy to see T.U.G.G. and so it was just a quickie.

We made our way through a crazy large crowd to the front right corner by the garbage cans. Not the most picturesque spot, but it was close. I could see the guys gather by the edge of the stage for a “let’s rock this town” group talk.


I include this shot because it is about the only shot I have of Ben the drummer. The way we were positioned Jake was blocking him for the whole show.

Approaching the stage ready to rock.


The packed crowd greeted them with a roar!


Our view of the stage and the band.


I think this is the only full band shot I have. We were right down front, stage right? Maybe stage left. I was never in drama so I’m not sure of the proper terminology. Good for pictures, but the speakers were over our heads, so the sound was a bit sludgy, but still good.

Andy was belting it out and I knew all the songs, it was great.


There was a bit more reggae and a bit less rock/ska than when I had seen them at the Majestic, but considering the event it was a given. I love when Joe jams, and he did.


The band was great, and I don’t mean that their leaning more heavily on the reggae was a bad thing, just different. They do it all fantastic.

The worst thing about daytime shows… the heat. It was hot, not unbearable, but hot.

The best thing about daytime shows… great pictures!

I got some great shots of Andy.



Crowd watching is always a show too on King Street, there were some interesting folks coming in and out. Some dancing grandmas and people carrying lawn chairs (who had obviously never been to a packed show on King Street) and the usual music lovers. As always, the crowd was behaved and loving it.

Otis was there with his daughter Bea, they were by the sound guy and there was no way they were making it to us. They had to go for food and we waved at each other as they passed the exit. I got this shot.


and he snapped this one of us. You can see our vantage point.


Thanks Otis, this will be our “we were there” shot.

The sun finally went down, but by then we and the band were a sweaty mess. No thanks to the big beards. That’s gusto sauce! You killed it Andy!


T.U.G.G. played a great set. Cindy liked it to boot. We headed out at the end of their show as the crowd became even more packed and headed off to a nice dinner.

I’ll put all my photos of the show on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/theaural.retentive

The last shot, taken just before the exit. The obligatory marquee shot.


If you get a chance to see T.U.G.G. or see them again for that matter, do it. They are fantastic.

Tell them I sent you!

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