Some Admittedly Odd Choices

The last few times I have gone to the West Side Half Price Books I stuck to the upper bins, having a gift card, and wanting some classics. Sometimes I’m not invested enough to sit on the floor there for 20 -30 minutes.

But today I was.

I had the day off of work and after some breakfast and feeling spry enough to handle the floor, I dove in. I came away with some truly odd choices.

This one I got specifically for clock making

“Herwig Mauer Presents: Infocalypse”

2014-08-16 09.24.41

I did give it a listen. It will make a nice clock.

“Jackson Browne – Lives In The Balance”

2014-08-16 09.24.25

I don’t think I know any of these songs, but I have made it a point to try any and all J.B. records.

“Linda Ronstadt – Lush Life”

2014-08-16 09.23.42

Yes, this is her orchestra torch song album, and I have to admit… I like it.

These records were one dollar. I did mention that right?

“Bachman Turner Overdrive – Not Fragile”

2014-08-16 09.25.41

I got this on tape from someone and for about a six month period it changed my life. I think I may have gotten it from Paul Beck. This has the classic “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”, but it is all the other songs that make it so awesome. I did eventually get another BTO tape, but didn’t like it even close as much as this one. I love the way they literally call out the solos so you know who is playing what.

2014-08-16 09.47.12

Okay, then things got weird. Starting with some Country.

“Willie Nelson – Willie And Family Live”

2014-08-16 09.25.16

“Willie Nelson – Pretty Paper”

2014-08-16 09.24.10

The first is a double live and the second a Christmas album. I love when Willie does “Whiskey River” and it’s on the live album, and I needed a new “unusual” Christmas selection. We’ll see.

Then a little jazz.

“George Benson – Weekend In L.A.”

2014-08-16 09.25.02

This has the 9:55 minute long song that I was familiar with and love… “On Broadway”. The rest will be a total surprise I suppose. Sometime, you just take a gamble.

“Chuck Mangione – Tarantella”

2014-08-16 09.25.29

I have come across Chuck albums over and over again and harkened back to the day when I bought “Feels So Good”

Chuck Mangione - Feels So Good

a long long time ago. It was probably the first jazz album I EVER bought. I loved that song, but I don’t think I was ready for the rest of it then. I thought a double live album, with Dizzy Gilespie and Chick Corea guesting might be worth the one dollar.

Finally to bring it back to a place of semi-normalcy…

“Van Halen – 1984”

2014-08-16 09.26.22

This is the last of the line for me. There is no Van Halen after this. Nail in the coffin. Get me? Okay.

I also picked up some 45’s.

Beatles ! and Paul McCartney

2014-08-16 09.27.21

On Apple! Hey Jude/Revolution and Uncle Albert Admiral Halsey/Too Many People. 45’s are .49 cents.

I also got 2 RCA Victor 45’s in red vinyl.

2014-08-16 09.27.58

I’m a sucker for colored vinyl. What can I say?

I also picked up some tape material that day that I will write up separately.

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  1. The Van Halen record was a nice score but come on man, Willie Nelson. I’m going to say a prayer for you and hopelfully help your picks in the future.

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