Frugal Muse Surprises Again

If you are in the area, it is worth the stop to look at the limited amount of vinyl that The Frugal Muse has. I seem to keep getting  lucky. Behold.

“The Smiths – The Smiths”

2014-08-16 09.26.00

So, I bought this one thinking that my favorite song by The Smiths was on here. I swear it was when I owned it. The song was “How Soon Is Now”. I would SWEAR it was on here. No such luck. I thought I was losing my mind. As I am writing this I found this tidbit on the Smiths Wiki page:

How Soon Is Now?” was added to the US edition and to post-1992 UK WEA re-issues, as track 6. The 2011 remaster restored the original UK track listing.

NO WONDER !   Sigh. So now I will have to get “Meat Is Murder” if I ever see it.

The other gem was some real live Miles Davis jazz!

“Miles Davis – The Man With The Horn”

2014-08-16 09.26.12

Sorry Miles but this cover is stupid. The music is great though. This one is kind of rocked out with heavy guitar and synthesizers. Great stuff. Now I have a Thelonius Monk and a Miles Davis.

Thanks Frugal Muse.

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