Big 8 Track Score

Yeah, I know. 8 tracks again, what the hell? Listen, they were only 25 cents each, and when you see who they are, you are going to have to agree that they are cool and worth a quarter, if only for decoration.

I was at Half Price Books on the West side and after I had picked though the LP’s I spotted what looked like the prism from “Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon” and joy of joy’s I was RIGHT!


“Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon”

2014-08-22 12.06.27

I was stoked. I know it’s dumb, but I really like owning this. And the joy was not over yet.

“Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here”

2014-08-22 12.06.10

Booyah! There was also this one, though it is some K-Tel or off brand version…

“Pink Floyd – Meddle”

2014-08-22 12.06.38

Pink Floyd on 8 Track. Wow. I love it. Also in the pile there was…

“B. B. King – Take It Home”

2014-08-22 12.06.17

“Jimi Hendrix – The Essential Jimi Hendrix”

2014-08-22 12.06.03

but my absolute all time favorite from the pile that went home with me…

“Rush – Archives”

2014-08-22 12.06.53

Volume I and II both! This is an 8 track version of the album that I bought of Rush after hearing “Rush – 2112” in Roselle Illinois way back in the day. I went out to get more Rush and all they had was this expensive 3 record set. My mom bought it for me and that was the start of a very long love of Rush. “Archives” is their first 3 albums together. It was magical and “Caress Of Steel” is one of the albums and it hit me so much at the right time it is now part of me. Owning these is magical.

Now if you ever wanted to see an example of why 8 tracks were bunk, I give you “Working Man”, split over 2 tracks. Ugh. No way!

2014-08-22 12.22.44

What a travesty. I weep for Rush lovers everywhere that were forced to listen to  “Working Man” in two parts because they owned it on 8 track.

None the less, these will make a nice decorations in the man cave.

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  1. Those are very cool items that were most likely left for the dead by someone. The coolest 8 tracks my parents owned were the 2 boston albums which were very cool.

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