I Was A Pat McCurdy Virgin – Lucky’s Waunakee 08-16-14

It’s true. I was a Pat McCurdy virgin.

Cindy had seen Pat many times during her college days. I have heard the stories. He plays out of Milwaukee, but has been in the area several times and it just didn’t work out, and we had been trying to get to a show for a while. So, this one at Lucky’s seemed perfect. We had a V.I.P. table to boot. Turns out it was good that we bought this, because there was not a seat left in the place. There were 2 birthdays, a volleyball tournament and a bridal shower all happening that night there. Our table was down front and perfect.

2014-07-20 07.04.52

2014-08-16 18.30.54

If you don’t know Pat McCurdy, well, to explain him, think funny adult songs sung around a campfire with audience participation. I had a few songs of his on CD’s she had made for me, so I knew what I was in for. I didn’t know I would like it SO much though. It was great.

Once again, the sun just as the show was starting was a bit brutal.

2014-08-16 19.15.51

We got our picture taken for the record.

2014-08-16 20.23.26

Note my awesome Nirvana shirt (Pat did).

One thing was immediately clear, that Pat knew how to work a crowd. He had everyone laughing and digging the music and was calling out crowd people and using their names in the song and really connecting. He was entertaining to say the least. I was really really glad I had finally gotten to see him after hearing so much.  The sun finally started going down and we could see a little better. Check out all the shirts. I may have to get a “Hey Paddy, Play A Song For Me” shirt.

2014-08-16 19.29.36

Incidentally, you can get these at Pat’s website:   http://www.patmccurdy.com/

At the end of the first set, Pat asked if there were any Pat virgins in the house. Virgins got a lap song. You were supposed to imagine him naked sitting on your lap playing a personally chosen song. Everyone at my table, who had seen Pat before naturally pointed me out as a virgin. So Pat looked at me, in my Nirvana shirt and started goofing the intro to a Nirvana song, then stopped and played my real lap song. “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”. That started what was to be about a 30 minute rampage through the crows playing crazy random songs that everyone loved and sang along to. It was great.

2014-08-16 19.42.33

When he came back after break the audience drunkenness had gone way up. He played some Pat classics like “Choking The Gopher” and was joined onstage by a gal who sang the female lines.

2014-08-16 19.49.08

There was an audience vote on 80’s or 90’s music and the 80’s won, so Pat played snippets of 80’s songs and we all loved it. He would play the opening and we would all sing the rest until he started a new one. It was a blast.

There was some goofy choreographed moments, some mandatory dancing, people were buying Pat shots here and there and so I bought 2 shots of Jameson and took one up to him. He saluted me and we drank.

It was an epic evening of entertainment, and one I would repeat at any time.

2014-08-16 20.52.10

There is a marked difference between his CD’s and his show. I had listened to a few of his CD’s just prior to the show and it in no way prepared me for the experience. Buy his CD’s, but don’t miss seeing him live. You will not regret it. Unless you are a Mayo Clinic doctor apparently.

The finale of the show was “Sex And Beer”. Pat was joined onstage by a group of folks to help him with the accompanying dance. It was a beautiful thing.

2014-08-16 21.50.24

I cornered the General Manager and asked for the lobby sign. Score.

2014-07-10 17.04.05

and I bought 2 CD’s after the show.

2014-08-22 11.56.50

One I asked him to sign. Again, my metallic Sharpie failed, luckily he had a bag full of black Sharpies and got it signed for me.

2014-08-22 11.57.18

It was a great night and a great show!

I am no longer a Pat McCurdy virgin. Whew.

Hey Paddy, Play A Song For Me!

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