The Weirdest Pat McCurdy Show I Ever Saw – Or – “Pandentertainment”

It was FINALLY Friday night after a dreary long week of adjusting to working from home all week (instead of a few days here and there) and staying home out of an abundance of caution due to COVID-19. That week was full of bummers was an understatement.

So when Cindy told me about Pat McCurdy doing a live show on Friday night from his living room…

I knew we would be watching.

In case you’re a Pat virgin, here are some previous posts about shows I attended.

A Pat McCurdy show is an event you will always remember. Part social commentary, part singalong and all great music and fun. Go see him as soon as you can. That statement is double edged these days. Who knows how long before gatherings are safe again and Pat and Jim can set up and play somewhere OTHER than the living room. But, that’s where we are. Stay healthy out there.

At any rate, at about 8 we went to Pat McCurdy’s Facebook page:

“Hey Paddy, play your song for me!”…  couldn’t resist.

We were delighted to see shortly thereafter… Pat! He was indeed in his living room. He started with “I Always Drive In Reverse”.

There were some feed issues in the very beginning during the first song, but after that it was us. The laptop was not keeping up and freezing. It ran fine on our phones, but we wanted it bigger.

So we transitioned to Cindy’s tablet and ended up in the double chair in the sunroom. It was as cozy and safe as you could ever hope to see a show.

The show was great. There were Pandemic drinking games, Pat’s dog, Jim and Murph and lots of great favorite songs. It was cool. Another way of enjoying Pat.

Here he is showing his hand sanitizer.

This is classic pandentertainment!    Did I coin that term?

Pat was accepting donations (see the sign behind him) and I’m sure you can still use those options post show.

This show, which we watched on literally 5 different devices at some point… was surprisingly awesome. I thought that the setup was going to feel flat, but aside from the singalong portion that couldn’t happen (though I did sing “Monkey Paw” in the sunroom) this was super fun to watch. Pat was in fine form, playing great… and I realized (duh) the fun IS Pat.

This was just what I needed. After a week of bad news, house boundness and a spiraling world outside… Pat was the answer!

I am linking directly to his Facebook video so it is easier for you to find later. Please consider donating.

“Hey Paddy, play your song for me, I donated some cover charge, that’s highway robbery!”

Thanks Pat for doing and posting this show. We needed it.

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