Pat McCurdy – Live At Wauktoberfest 09/13/19 – Waunakee WI

Wauktoberfest has happened in Waunakee for many many years and we have never been. Gasp.


Last year we noticed that Pat McCurdy was playing and were set to go, but something caused us to have to skip. This year’s Wauktoberfest featured Pat again and we were determined to go.

Looking to see Pat too? I direct you to his show schedule on his website.

Check out the “Sex And Beer” video while you’re there. It is always the show closer and you can learn the dance and be ready to go.

We arrived at Wauktoberfest and grabbed some drinks and made our way into the main tent and I grabbed some cheese curds and a brat. How Wisconsin.

I also ended up grabbing some pretzels to share. It must be noted… the pretzels were literally as big as your head as J.J. demonstrates here.

J.J. and John came with us for the show that night. So it was ON.

We ended up under the tent 2 hours before showtime. There was the obligatory accordion super group and the piano bar guy performances leading up to Pat’s set. We worked our way from center tent at a picnic table to up front just outside the tent. After piano bar guy, the officer (arrests at Wauktoberfest?) that was installed at a little round table just under the tent at front stage right started his rounds and I staked a claim at the little table and moved it a bit closer to the stage. Eventually someone delivered stools to us (after piano guys dismantle his fake grand piano bar setup) and we settled in for the last 15 minute wait.

Then he was there and started the show with some classics, including one of my all time shout it out favorites “I’ll Be Good To You”.

I have tried to describe a Pat McCurdy show at least 4 times and I don’t think I have ever really captured its essence. I tried to describe to J.J. what it was all about and as the words left me, I knew it fell short, but it’s just one of those things that has to be experienced.

You can go to his website and order all kinds of his CD’s (which you should!) but to really experience what you can’t get from the CD’s you need to come to a show. You can learn the lyrics from the CD songs, but when you are there with a hundred other people shouting them out in unison and playing vocal games (like the cut-off) with Pat, there is nothing like it.

If you tell someone that he plays a medley of snippets of either 80’s or 90’s songs as a regular part of the show and that it is awesome, who would believe you. BUT, it’s true. I LOVE that part.

I sing at the top of my lungs and love it all. Cindy always votes for the 90’s.

Either way you win. It’s fun as hell.

Before the show we were joking about bringing tiny booze bottles from the wine cabinet to the show, and to my surprise there was a tiny Jameson Irish Whiskey bottle. Pat is known to sing songs about whiskey and at one show Cindy suggested I take him a shot of it between songs. He accepted it and downed it right then. So I put it in my pocket (like a monkey paw – Pat joke) and took it to the show.

At some point someone brought him a Whiteclaw something or other and I remembered the Jameson. A couple songs later I brought it forward and with a smile he took it and thanked me. He poured a little in his Whiteclaw and joked about creating a brand new drink sensation.

Later in the show, it gets a bit fuzzy for me due to several cinder, I think he toasted with us all and he finished off the Jameson.

Another part of a typical Pat show is to call out any Pat virgins. For these folks he picks a song to perform a snippet of as your own personal lap song. You are to picture him naked and sitting on your lap as he sings to you.

Mine, a few shows back was “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.

We pointed to John an J.J. at our table and when he got around to us he played as John’s lap song “In Heaven There Is No Beer” and for J.J. “Dancing Queen”.

The show is a great mix of great guitar, great songs, and great fun. It can’t be beat as a few hours spent being social. He puts on a solid show full of undeniable entertainment.

You will never come away disappointed.

I came away with my own “Monkey Paw” t-shirt.

There are always plenty of shirts available, and I notice more and more of them at every show I see. You can get them on his website too.

Hey Paddy! Play a song for me.

I didn’t pay no cover charge, I got in here for free!

See you next year Pat, if not sooner.

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