Vinyl Community Rewind # 1 – Hello Vinyl Community !

In February of 2016, after randomly looking for YouTube videos on vinyl records, I discovered that there were tons of them out there. I started watching, subscribing to some favorites. I watched for quite a while and thought to myself, this would be fun. After a few botched attempts, and in conjunction with the overhaul of a basement room into a music room, I dipped my toe into the world of YouTubing. From very VERY humble beginnings I managed to make over a hundred videos. The early ones depict the music room before anything was even in it.

I became a part of the vinyl community.

Through the vinyl community, I discovered a lot of cool people and was turned on to a lot of great music that I would never have even considered, but turned out to be fantastic. The community vibe was strong. I followed some favorites and eventually made it to 100 subs myself, even ran a contest, but I followed guys that had thousands of subs. Some that I followed were into music that wasn’t my bag, but their videos were so fun I kept watching anyway.

Recording the video was easy, editing was not so easy, and uploading was time consuming, but after I got started I was all in.

Some of the guys did tons of editing (BarakaPDub!) and videos on equipment and particular issues of an album and compared the sound, some were in bands, some just talked and some played snippets of songs. Mine were largely reviews of albums I was buying and a few show reviews.

I did these videos from February 2016 to April 2018. During that time, I hardly wrote any posts here on this site, opting to do a video instead. Consequently, there is a big timeline where I was buying albums and showing them on the videos, but not writing about them here, as I did in the past.

At one point however, I had to reconsider what I was doing and that perhaps I was buying vinyl JUST to show it on my videos for the vinyl community. I had to reevaluate and decided to take a break. This was after the push I made to collect all the Hipgnosis album covers. A quarter of the way in, I discovered that I wasn’t really enjoying most of them and that it was costing me a bundle and decided to stop, despite having carved out my niche in the vinyl community. So eventually I made a video that detailed my decision and I stopped collecting them.

I made a few videos after that, but I sort of lost my identity and eventually stopped making videos altogether. I still follow a lot of my favorites, and am thrilled when they post videos. I still enjoy the community, but now as just an observer.


The Vinyl Community Rewind series is a way to connect my site with my videos. Each Monday I will post one of my old YouTube videos, in chronological order. In them you will see the filling up of the music room, new intro and video editing advances as I proceed, my time in some vinyl subscription services and lots of interesting albums. Some of the albums are already gone, culling in a few waves of rethinking my collection and what was really important, but some are forever classic that will remain with me always.

I really dug making the videos and it seems important at this point to bring them into the site for posterity, there was a lot of excitement in me making these and despite stopping, I still smile when I look back at these.

For those rare few that know me both from both the writing AND video world, please forgive the duplication!

Up tonight, the very first attempt at a video for the vinyl community. Just saying hello, showing some equipment and talking about the mild echo.

The Aural Retentive 02/29/2016 # 1 – Hello Vinyl Community !

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