Joey And The Ibanez

There is an acoustic guitar in the house. It was originally a Christmas present for Abbey years and years ago. Max had drums, we already had a keyboard, and Abbey talked about wanting to play guitar. So we headed to Ward-Brodt and ended up with a modestly priced Ibanez.

Abbey eventually let Max have it, and it has been in the basement for years. Recently Joey expressed an interest and it got brought out, repaired and restrung (thanks Abbey) and put into Joey’s hands.

2014-08-17 18.01.02

He has learned the opening notes to some interesting songs. The James Bond Theme, The Final Countdown, Crazy Train and a couple 3 Days Grace songs.  He has learned drop D tuning for a couple songs and I can see myself trying to learn chords back in the Ann Arbor days on my uncle’s guitar when I see him sitting there trying the same pattern of notes over and over. He has used a couple different websites that have tabs to learn most.

I love the sparkle in his eye when he plays me the first couple notes of something new.

The above photo is the one they put behind him on his Today show interview when he becomes famous and he’ll be like, “I owe it all to my dad and that old guitar from the basement”.

A dad can dream.

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  1. That’s awesome to here about his new interest and I hope he stays with it. Josh got a guitar and within a year he stopped going to his lessons and gave it up which really disappointed me. Joey, I want to hear Eruption the next time I come over.

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