Paul Black – Down On Me

Recently I had a comment left on a Paul Black post about “King Dollar” from none other than the bass player on the album, John Tubbs! It was awesome.

John played with Paul on the album and live shows in the mid 90’s. Then moved to Illinois. Check out Bruiser and the Virtues, The Javelinas and Shotgun Wedding.

He tipped me to a Paul track that I had never heard of on a House Of Blues compilation of Janis Joplin songs. Paul has one track, the cover of “Down On Me”. I ordered it immediately from Amazon.

“Deep Down Blues – Songs Of Janis Joplin”

2014-09-20 09.25.13

Paul’s cover is fantastic. Growly and fast-paced. Well worth the price of the whole CD.

2014-09-20 09.25.42

PLUS, you get Lou Ann Barton and Koko Taylor. Sweet.

I wonder if there are any Paul Black tracks I am missing? Paul Black fans… let me know.

Anyone who has soundboard tapes from The Crystal Corner shows, or any other venue… please contact me. You may make my will !

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