Nashville Day 1, night really (we arrived after a 10 hour car ride). We unloaded at the loft and headed out to explore. It reminded me of downtown Milwaukee at first. High rise old hotels and city traffic. A few blocks away from the loft though we came across Printers Alley, which appeared to actually be an old alley converted to a strip of small clubs.

My eye caught the sign for “Bourbon Street Blues And Boogie Bar”. Sorry, horrible pic.


We walked the alley and decided to stop there at BSBABB as the best likely place to get a beer. It was a magical choice.

We walked in, got a round of drinks and sat down at a table overlooking the stage just as the music stated. Gil Gann was playing happy hour.


He and the sax/tenor sax/harp guy accompanying him


lit into a subdued, almost John Lee Hooker style rendition of B.B King’s “The Thrill Is Gone”. It was great. He followed that up with a Little Milton song. Then he mentioned Muddy Waters and the crowd of about 30 people (it was a small place) went wild and he played “Mannish Boy”. Glorious!

DSCN0146 DSCN0144

Then he played and Lionell Ritchie song for a change-up and we snuck out to explore more.

We passed B.B. King’s club. Saving that for tomorrow.

Then we strolled in and sat at the Doc Holiday’s Saloon for a beer. J.J. and John outside:


Then another short walk and we were at Hard Rock Cafe. I love all the memorabilia of course. A Kiss guitar was in our section and there was Hendrix stuff around too.


We ate a monster load of appetizers and then waddled back to the loft. About all we could do after a 10 hour ride. Bed soon followed. Back to fight another day, my birthday that is. Woo hoo!

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