Nashville! Day 2

After waking ridiculously early, and writing the previous post, we eventually all got up and headed out again in search of breakfast. We ended up at “Waffle House” and filled up on down home delights. Then off to find The Grand Ole Opry that John wanted to see.

Having missed the turn we pulled into the closest place to turn around. It happened to be outside a little strip mall that housed both Cooter’s Gift Shop and Dukes Of Hazards Museum.


Inside Cooter’s there was a pretty good-sized area of cars and memorabilia from the show in glass cases. Outside, The General Lee was parked roped off and available for pictures with. To sit inside for the photo was 5 bucks. We got some obligatory Nashville trinkets and then went next door to the Willie Nelson Gift Shop and Museum. The museum there was an extra charge and we passed.

I loved this car parked outside of the next store down.


Our next stop was the area that is The Grand Ole Opry Convention Center / Mall. It was a bit mind boggling, but we finally found the part John wanted to see, the original old building.


UN-fortunately, there were no more tours for the rest of the year. We couldn’t even get a look inside. Sorry John.

We did get some nice pictures with the giant guitars outside.


J. J. and John. They went with the electric guitar.


After our pictures we headed back to where we had ended the night before and were drawn by music playing from one of the clubs with the big front window right behind the stage open.


This was The Benchmark.


We found some comfy bar stools and ordered a round. The two onstage were Jordan Taylor and Isaac Mathews.


Now they were playing country music. And they were great. They were talkative and took requests too. This was what you call a good time. Cindy went up and let them know it was my birthday and they sang me “Happy Birthday”.

I think each of us went up and made requests which they played. Isaac even played my Buck Owens request, which he commented no one ever had requested before, but he knew “Act Naturally” and played me that one. It was awesome. They switched off on vocals and they played fast ones and slower ones and it was all great. Even the deep country songs sounded good to me. It’s live music. There is always something to love, no matter what.


Eventually John and I sampled the Whiskey there, twice, with shots of Jack and then some Fireball.


It is here that the details of the rest of our activities become somewhat fuzzy. Just fuzzy, not lost. When Isaac and Jordan’s set was over, and I had bought and asked Jordan to sign her CD (which she did, inking below her own ink)

2014-11-10 09.38.33

and I had shaken Isaac’s hand and thanked him for playing a great set for my birthday, we started walking again. We ended up in another place about a block away called Whiskey Bent Saloon.


Two guys were playing there. I never did catch their names. They were good though. We hung out there for a while and had some more beers and then had to pack it up and head back to the loft to pack for the evening festivities.

Some food helped even out my Bud Light to blood ratio and then we headed by cab to the start of the next activity: Nashville Pedal Tavern.


This is a 15 seat pedal powered drinking station. Ten people pedal and that is the only power that gets it around. You bring your own beer we actually had one extra person, so John became our beertender. We started pedaling and headed for “Broadway” the main drag in Nashville for music and clubs. We pedaled and drank our way to the Johnny Cash mural for a photo-op shot.


and then we pedaled to a short layover at a bar called “The Swinging Door” where we watched the band there for a while. Their name was Schmidt and The Schmidt Kickers I believe. They played some great stuff and despite being cramped on a tiny stage they had the place going.


Then it was back on the pedal car and over to another spot where there were 3 recommended bars. It was a blast. Everyone was having a great time drinking and pedaling and listening the music that they were playing for us. We were all woo hooing and hollering and every time someone honked, you drank. It was fun. It tired out this 50 year old man though, and at the next stop I opted for a hot dog and a coke from a stand across the street from where we parked to bring me around. We waited at the pedal car for everyone to return and then we pedaled around the block and ended up back at The Swinging Door to end the evening.

That was it for me. We headed back to the loft and I passed out soon afterwards. Spent and happy on my 50th. It was a great day.

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