Gift Certificate Report

I have Otis to thank for a Frugal Muse gift certificate and as it was burning a hole in my wallet I recently stopped in to covert it to vinyl.

To my sad surprise there was nothing there worth picking up. Wah wah wahhhh….

However, as I am want to do, I checked out the Local section in the CD’s. I have tried to swear off CD’s, but I did find a few I had to have.

“Natty Nation – Earth Citizen”

2015-01-09 12.08.57

I have yet to see Natty Nation, but I really like them and I have picked up a few of their CD’s at of all places The Original Pancake House on University Avenue. A winter show was planned for Cindy and I but the life threatening weather that night forced us to bail. I wonder when they are playing around here next?

Check out the Live At The UW Terrace. I may have purchased that just now.

No shows in Madison coming up soon, but I WILL see them. This CD is from 1998. It alone was worth the stop, but I also found (not in local)…

“This Is Ecco-Fonic!”

2015-01-09 12.09.18

This is a collection of formerly all vinyl releases from the Ecco-Fonic label run by Deke Dickerson. I saw him open and play with The Reverend Horton Heat and read his book “The Strat In The Attic” (search my blog for the posts) and despite the horrible cover, knowing what I know about Deke and the music he and his label offer, this will likely prove to be great fun.

“105.5 Triple M Live From Studio M Vol. 1”

2015-01-09 12.09.08

This is a collection of live tracks from the Triple M radio station live in studio program. I have seen Vol. 9 for sale around town lately, I thought actually that that was what I was buying, but seeing that it is Vol. 1 is cool. AND check out track 12! Westside Andy!

2015-01-09 12.52.38

Had to get it, plus it has Marques Bovre and Johnny Lang. It is still wrapped too.

Lastly, the intro music to the Royal Blood show (opening for The Pixies) was “99 Problems” from Jay-Z and it was actually the first time I had heard it. The music was fantastic.  I saw this, with ’99 Problems” on it and I could not resist.

“Jay-Z – The Black Album”

2015-01-09 12.09.28

This is not my usual taste, but just because you don’t drink Fireball everyday, doesn’t mean that once in a while, it doesn’t taste good. Know what I mean?

Anyway, thanks Otis. It was very much appreciated and I put it to good use.

Stay tuned for Ecco-Fonic in the Tabasco tin soon.

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