Item # 402 In Continuing List Of Things That Make Me Feel OLD

Now I was never a huge AC/DC fan back in the high school days. I had it force fed to me via the cafeteria juke box (see my first blog post ever) and heard too many stories of concerts never seen by folks too drunk to make it out of the van at the show.

To be fair I did have “Highway To Hell” introduced to me by Jeff Byers as we discussed major junior high issues in his and his brothers room… and later I did acquire “Let There Be Rock”.

When I was in college however, I was reintroduced to AC/DC by my friend Paul Beck, who gave me lots of the OLD stuff, which to this day is still my favorite. I gained a respect for AC/DC and having left the force fed hits behind, came into a place where I could enjoy it again.

I ran across this tiny blurb about the new AC/DC album “Rock Or Bust” on the chart page.

2015-01-09 10.54.14

First of all, while doing a web search on Malcolm (he has dementia and will not return to the band) I discovered he is 61 years old!


At first I was astounded that anyone in the band could be that old, then I realized with total clarity, that unfortunately, I was the old one. It may not seem that the band is that old because you hear them on the radio all the time and they continued to release material, but in truth of fact, they are old. Just like me.

I wish you well AC/DC… and strength to you Malcolm.

Thank you for the music.

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