One Year Anniversary – Theme: Paper

This one is a little late, but…

December 27th was our first wedding anniversary, and as you all know the theme of year one’s celebration is paper. Cindy nailed it with 2 paper based gifts for the music lover in her life.

“Van Morrison – Moondance”

2015-01-03 06.56.34

The photographic big brain on Van was a total accident. Didn’t see how funny it looked until I added it here. Looks like he is wearing a weird hat. This one, aside from just being great all around, has the song “Crazy Love” which was featured during our nuptials. I was delighted with it. Never had it on vinyl. This one will get a lot of play around here.

Turns out the sleeve inside is NOT made of paper, it’s static free plastic to cover the 180 gram vinyl, but the cover IS made of paper so it still counts. Also, there are liner notes, a story in fact. I never knew since I only had the CD before.

2015-01-03 06.56.42

Ah the space that vinyl album packaging allows. I love it.

Also made of paper were the 2 tickets that Cindy bought for us to go see the acapella group Straight No Chaser.

2015-01-03 06.57.43

They also had a song featured in our wedding ceremony: “I’m Yours/Somewhere Over The Rainbow”.  This should be a great show. I have seen a couple of acapella groups at the local high school and was amazed by them, this should be awesome.

So, my loving wife of 1 year treated me well for our anniversary with paper based gifts.

Next year is Cotton?!

Concert T-Shirts!  Just saying…

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