Music To Clean To

Today my focus was to clean the house, so as to spend the weekend before starting my new job on fun stuff and family events.

Alone in the house, the music came on, loud… all the better to clean to.

Back in the day the musical choice to clean to, as my children can attest to, was “Temple Of The Dog”. Oh man is that album good. I would sing it loud as I worked. I was usually hoarse by the time “Hunger Strike” played. There may have been head banging and dancing with the vacuum involved.


Today, as I decided what to play I decided to go all vinyl. The I-pod dock in the kitchen wouldn’t cut it.

First selection:

“Nine Inch Nails – Pretty Hate Machine” The perfect mix of angst and anger and passion. This album was pivotal in my life. It was perfect to mop to.

Second selection:

Royal Blood – Royal Blood”  This one has the bass and groove to make me do the Doubtfire moves. An instant classic. That show was amazing and comes a close second to “Temple Of The Dog” as the ultimate cleaning the house album… maybe my album of 2015.

Last selection:

“Led Zeppelin – IV”   I start on side 2 with “Misty Mountain Hop” and was putting the finishing touches on the cleaning by the end of “When The Levee Breaks”. Classic finish.

Once that cleaning was done I made a measured decision to go with ALL David Bowie vinyl (thanks Dalton!) for phase 2 of cleaning: dishes and laundry and ironing.

That should conclude the cleaning and prepping for Monday and put me in a good place to enjoy the weekend clear-headed and ready for anything.

Besides, I don’t do windows.


I’ll leave it to these guys.  Love the logo.

If you live near Arkansas…

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