Connecting The Dots To WMSE

When I was going to school in Milwaukee, I listened to WMSE. It was the college radio from Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSE, get it?) and it was integral in my converting from mainline music to new stuff.

I listened to “The Monk Of Punk” show. I made radio song compilation tapes like I did when I was a kid. Splicing them all together into 2 tapes of awesomeness. I have written about them on here before.

These days I listen to WSUM out of Madison.

Recently, after falling into a rabbit hole chasing a performance by a local Milwaukee band called “Couch Flambeau” I found my self on their web page (still going strong!) and searching the archives. Back in the day there was no web page. So technology has certainly sped up since my days of listening. They archive their 6 pm to midnight slot and on 3/15/2011 Couch Flambeau was on WMSE Live, a show that features local bands live in the studio.


I found it, downloaded it and skimmed it until I found them playing. This was a great addition to my Couch collection.

I found myself pining for the WMSE days and decided when I had time I would go and get a few recent archives and have a listen.

Fast forward to today. As I played with I tunes on my new computer, I discovered (something that has been there forever probably and I just never noticed)… I-Tunes radio. I sampled a few rock stations and then my eye caught this.

Capture 2

College/University. College radio?! Cool.

I opened it and started scrolling and lo and behold, both WSUM AND WMSE are listed!


No Way! I listened for a few hours. It was so cool.

Then it occurred to me, that these days likely they had streaming on their own website similar to WSUM  ( )

and they do!


For both stations you can check their schedule and choose your show and tune in live. I guess I will stop cursing my new Windows 8 rig and get behind technology. It brought my long lost college radio back to me. Of course there is no more Monk Of Punk…

but I still have the tapes.

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